Sunday, March 7, 2010

A note to reader(s)

As the month-long gap between my last post and this one suggests, I haven't been adding much new content since I started at Salon. Most of what I have to say (at least about politics) I can say there, so there's not much point in writing here.

Nonetheless, I'm going to keep this site going, since I do occasionally have non-political thoughts. Plus, I'll continue updating the links on the right-hand side.


hpyglf said...

saw you on Matthews. I watch it for laughs. You and Corn, not to mention Matthews, are just laughable idiots. He, the president, is a Marxist. Seven days in May.

Anonymous said...

It is funny that you call someone a hack in an article replete with grammatical errors. I guess it takes one to know one. HACK!

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Steve Kornacki
Fine points are available all around, many thanks. I anticipate reading even more.

caponsacchi said...

Excellent elocution, with an ability to make written teleprompter and extemporaneous comments sound much the same. Your knowledge of political history is formidable and impressive, challenged only by your incisive comments on the psychological mind-games in modern-day politics. It requires a combination of a steel-trap mind with an ability to empathize with "the other" plus flawless elocution the instant your light is on. Not an easy (or common) combination of gifts. And after Chris' "physical" prose and Lawrence's pontifical, em-pha-ti-cal la-bored sim-ple sen-ten-ces, it's refreshing to hear more Latinate constructions executed with finesse.

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You and corn, not to mention Matthews, just silly fool. He, the President, is a Marx activists. May 7.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse me. 68 yr old viewer. Accuracy is spotty. Twice on two shows you said that we had 3 Whig presidents. We had 4..
WHarrison JTyler ZTaylor MFillmore. You forgot Tyler. Inexcusable. I no longer TIVO you. Like you I am gay coupled 38 yrs with youngest son age 11 who corrected your staff twice.